Choosing the most comfortable heels: Tips to looking and feeling great!

July 20, 2015 2 Comments

High heels are the ultimate best friend/worst enemy story.

-Women always ask me how is it that they never see me wearing anything other than heels, is it always just a coincidence, or am I actually crazy to think these shoes are comfortable?

Well…Lets just say my fascination with high heeled footwear went from an addiction, to an obsession and now runs my life. That is one of the reasons I have decided to pursue my passion, start my own brand and make a completely different type of shoes in which women dont have to make the trade-off between comfort for style.

So I offer just a few easy tips so you can add a touch of confidence to each step to look splendid in every pair of heels you own. For years high heels have been the footwear of choice among almost all women. They give the female figure harmony, femininity and the ability to flow gallantly about her surroundings. However some heels have very serious flaws that sometimes results in a flow that is pretty far from graceful.

We all know wearing shoes like this for the whole day is very difficult, uncomfortable and sometimes even impossible. To help you get through it, we have come up with some tips that will guide you to tame these beasts once and for all.

Tip # 1 : Choose the right model for the job.

Often these feelings are associated with excessive wear, cheap materials or just choosing the wrong model for the task you are trying to accomplish. For example: there is hardly any reason that a woman who spends a long day at the office should choose 4 inch heels instead of a 3” or even 2”. There are many fabulous models out there that look great with just an inch difference but sometimes that’s all the difference that it takes to make your life just that much easier. So choose heels based on occasions (which I know can be hard with getting caught up and and wanting to buy every pair of shoes on sale) but if you have a clear idea before hand, it makes shopping a lot easier. Just takes practice.

Tip #2: Choose quality over price; not all heels are created equal.

Some people do not believe in designer brands because they have a predisposition that they are overpaying for the name. Although there might be some truth in that, most brands charge a premium price for their shoes because they are made to a completely different standard than mass market heels. Choose high quality shoes manufactured from natural materials. This will allow your feet to "breathe" and prevents excessive sweating and swelling. Avoid synthetic or “man-made” materials as some brands like to call them. They are horrible for the feet and such footwear has no ventilation from the fact that the synthetic materials are not breathable. Also, genuine leather heels last longer and fit more comfortably. The materials are natural, the work is handcrafted and they offer an entirely different experience than heels made for mass production that leave you feet tired, acing and blistered.

Tip #3: Go For Padding

Another trick in picking the right heels is choosing the right models with soft pads and insoles. Since our feet are naturally padded, it is often easy to misjudge the comfort based on just trying on a pair. Sure they might be comfortable for an hour but after walking a whole day every step will begin taking a toll. Even heel height is not as important as the convenience of proper padding. It's easy to float in heels even 12 and 14 centimeters if its the perfect fit and a good model model.

Tip # 4 Heel Training

Train leg muscles by performing simple exercises. Try standing on your toes for 20 seconds and slowly put your foot all the way down for 5 seconds. Repeat it for 5-10 minutes or just walk on toes for 5-10 minutes a day. This will strengthen the calf muscles as well as the arch and allow your legs to better cope with heeled shoes.

Which brings me to Tip #5

Watch your posture and evaluate how you look and feel. To do this, try putting on a pair of shoes and stand flat against the wall. Posture can be considered correct only when your buttocks, shoulder blades and back of the head will touch the wall at the same time. Memorize this position, and always try to use it when walking, especially then you are wearing heels. Having good posture is useful not only for your health but also makes you more slender and attractive. Start walking properly for a few minutes a day. Within a few days you will begin to notice how much easier it gets to maintain and should become a habit in only a few weeks


Some experts believe that the maximum heel height should not exceed 3-4 inches, but it really depends on the style and platform. I own a few pairs of 6 inch heels which are unbelievably comfortable because they have the right design and are the perfect fit . Always choose a height that you are comfortable with and work your way up.  Proper foot maintenance is very important key to healthy, happy feet. So Take good care of your feet. Make a cool bath and moisturize the skin with cream or lotion.

Heels have the power to increase a girls confidence, add femininity to her outfit, and if properly executed, drive men crazy. So hopefully these tricks will help you become a master of one of womens most useful weapons . Feel free to check out our selection and tell me what you think about my designs :)

Enjoy :)

Angelina Voloshina



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