Same-Sex Marriage Ignites High-Heel Industry for Him and Her.

June 30, 2015 6 Comments


The recent legislation opened the door for a bright future for couples as well as valuable insights on a brand new and untapped market, taking with it the competition of “most fashionable” to a whole new level. So lets hold it right there, is wearing high heels for men an old, forgotten, fashion or is it just plain madness? For those who say that fashion always returns might just be right on this one. 



For years, high heeled footwear was a symbol of femininity and attraction for women, but at one time it was also an essential accessory for men. Mentioned as early as 1509, the first men wore heeled footwear to improve accuracy when hunting and securing themselves while riding and fighting. Although it may not be same reasons men are putting on a pair today, history shows us this type of was used as a tool for both practical and decorative reasons.

3. Louis and Loubutin


 High heels gained popularity around the early 17th century, but considering how uncomfortable they were, you would ask yourself why they became apparel of choice for even the king and his high court? “ One of the best ways that status can be conveyed is through impracticality” In fact, it was Louis the XIV that insisted that his heels and soles were always painted red, which was luxury that symbolized the aristocracy. King Louis actually trademarked his signature heels and ordered that only members of his court were allowed to wear them. I wonder what Mr. Loubutin would have to say about that today? 

4.Men and Women

Few people realize high heels were actually a symbol of inequality for many years, segregating the classes by heel height and later banned in France altogether by Napoleon in the early 1800’s. When the fashion left the upper echelon, heels became popular among the working class such as butchers who wanted a little lift from the blood on the work floor. They were popular with both sexes in the streets of France that did not have a proper sanitation system at the time. We have seen the fashion return in the 70’s fueled disco era, when men took It even farther with high heeled platforms to show of their grooviest moves on the dance floor. As for today, we are witnessing the fashions latest presence in the LGBT community. When it comes to style, the bar is being raised by both the fashionista and newly emerging fashionistos who are fighting hard to continuously impress the public with ever evolving styles and ideas . One thing is for certain, the struggle for full equality between men and women brings new trends in the fashion world.


So what do you think, is this the the next big idea in the fashion industry, or just a trend that may never really get enough traction? Only time will tell. For now, our collection has become popular with women world wide, but we are always open for new inspiration. Tell us what you think at 



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tom dba/ debora
tom dba/ debora

December 27, 2019

I really think men look fantastic in heels. I have been wearing heels 3 in. and 4in.for several years. I now am in trans but I do hope the trend takes hold. what a shame a person has to thru to wear what they want.

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