Designer and Mass Market Women's Footwear

June 22, 2015

   Why Designer Shoes Are Worthwhile Investment.


Now days everybody wants to look trendy and fashionable, but at the same time feel comfortable and confident. We usually all know where we can get best deals for a cheap price, but is it really worth it? When it comes to shoes, a lot of women buy low quality footwear that last for 1-2 months and then begins cracking, stretching and causing pain after 2-3 hours of wear (in most cases less than that).There is a big trade-off when buying mass produced, inexpensive shoes compared to handcrafted designer heels. One of them of course being money, but when you consider that a designer pair can last 3-4 times longer than a mass production, it becomes evident that the real sacrifice is your personal comfort. Many people just don’t realize that in today’s competitive market you can buy even designer shoes for affordable price, you just have to know where to look. The difference will be well worth your efforts.

Factors that make designer shoes comfortable:

1. Perfectly tailored lasts.

At the heart of each shoe is a last (also known as the sole). This little item is hardly noticed by the consumer, but plays a big role when it comes to production and manufacturing of footwear and overall quality. Making designer soles is an art that takes time, usually about 2-3 months to fully develop. Careful measurements must be taken, then fitted, then again reworked until they achieve the perfect fit. Mass produced shoes usually cut corners at this important step to reduce costs and increase production speed. The result being is a cheap, disposable product.

 2. Quality

Natural materials like sheepskin and patent leather make designer shoes comfortable on the inside and long lasting on the outside. Designers work with podiatrists when developing the sole and account for all features of the foot to ensure that the weight is distributed properly. They are crafted from several layers of leather and can be used for every day walking as well as special occasions. The bottom line is that shoes should be not only beautiful but also comfortable.

 3. Durability 

Although the cost is incrementally higher, consider the long term benefits of shoes that will last a few seasons without losing their attractive appearance. The reason for this is that the production is carried out in the factory under the strict control of technologists, who oversee different aspects of production. Also, if follow the rules of care and occasional maintenance, you can make your shoes last even longer!

4. Stylish Design & Diversity

Designers have a large selection of models for every taste and are known to sometimes venture into uncharted territory with their brave expressions. They create the fashion trends through their vision and unique ability to combine different aspects of traits that people want to display throughout their style. We always trust professionals when it comes to making tough decisions, and the same rules should apply when comes to fashion and comfort.

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