December 12, 2015

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New Years Outfits : Sexy Party Dress Ideas For 2016

Everyone wants to start the New Year on the right foot, so choosing the perfect pair of heels is of up-most importance when taking your first steps on the journey into 2016.


The Holidays are well on their way and its time to think about not only what to wear, but where to go, who to go with and of course what to give! With so many decisions, high expectation and endless possibilities, this time of year is known to be extremely stressful and can drive some people to the brink of sanity. Thankfully, we decided to put together a list of style choices to make your holiday season just a little bit easier.


Holiday outfits do not have to be over the top glamour, but wearing something special can bring a sense of holiday spirit to yourself and those around you. So for atleast the days of celebration lets forget about the comfort jeans and instead change them up for something a little more feminine, attractive or semi-formal.

Based on your comfort level, you can choose anything from a long dress to a sexy mini. You may want to dress up in a tight bodycon dress or  pick a playful cocktail dress with wide skirt which can be colorful or go with classic black. It is not necessary to choose a dress for only one night party, there are many models which you can wear during the celebration and after it to the parties with your friends, birthdays or dates so make sure to choose something versatile. Here are some examples of outfits we chose:

  1. Red is always fascinating.

The most obvious choice to leave an unforgetable impression is wearing a red colored dresses or really any shade of red ie burgundy, crimson, or even scarlet





  1. Rich and bright blue, green shades.
Royal blue or deep green with interesting design - draperies, lace or print - together create an amazing combination.



    1. Gold, silver perfection.
    If you like pastel colors, but still want to stand out  the best choice will be to go with gold or silver. These types of dresses are immediate attention getters.



      1. Black is always classy.
           Black is great choice because its versatile for everyone and underlines the silhouette. Besides       being universally popular, black always looks particularly elegant.


        What shoes to wear for New Year 2016

         Choosing the right shoes second part of putting together the perfect outfit is not any less important for creating a fabulous look. The most popular models of course are heels. 


        1. Chic bright heels.
        Shoes should be showy so if you choose neutral colored dress (like black or beige), you can go with juicy colors like red, mint, yellow, orange, blue or purple pumps to grab attention and look fashionable and give a stunning accent.



          1. Classic colors. 
          If however you decide to go with a bright colored dress you should consider matching it with a more classic or neutral colored heels such as nude, silver, gold, brown, burgundy or black color pumps.



                 3. Stunning booties.


            If its cold out, a great alternative to pumps could be a short boot.  There are many variations and styles and materials, even lace that can go with your outfit. Other interesting designs include ombre color flow and platform designs.


            1. Over the knee boots for the Knock Out.

            Last but not least - OTK Boots. Reserved only for the most fashionable and daring women, this fashion statement will surely take the best in show at any new years celebration.  Paired with the prefect short, sexy dress or skirt, a pair of tall boots will make you stand out above the rest.


                                                   HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


            September 26, 2015


            Celebrity Fashion and Designer Heels

            More often than not, our style choices are heavily influenced by celebrity fashion. I mean who doesn't dream of living an extravagant lifestyle, being surrounded by beautiful people, and having a worry free life that others envy. The truth of the matter is, celebrities who run the fashion scene spend a lot time and effort to maintain the image that has been built with the help of media. Of course having plenty of financial resources does help, but I am sure they too have moments just like you and I when they go into their closet and feel like "I have nothing to wear!"


            Although a $650 pair of designer heels or a $4000 Chanel bag might be out of reach for most fashionistas, the desire for comfortable heels and fashionable dresses remains an essential for all women- regardless of their status. I personally saw the need to provide women with an alternative to luxury brands and highly priced apparel, yet maintain the quality and comfort of designer fashion. Thus Angelina Voloshina was born. By gearing a brand toward the average woman, yet focusing on the things that make designer footwear great, we have found that you do not have to make a celebrity paycheck to enjoy the same exclusive styles that celebrities are known for.

            When it comes to celebrity style, we tend to see a broad display of individuality through their fashion choices. Some such as Blake Lively, Jessica Alba and Victoria Beckham choose to exhibit their complexion through classic and conservative styles, while others like lady gaga tend to push the creative limits through the most daring feats of expression. I decided that Angelina Voloshina line should feature both, because both are equally unique and beautiful. Our line of classic pointed toe heels capture the modest and elegant look of a woman, while our 6 inch heels present a womans wild side and fire that burns within. 


            Staying ahead of fashion is not easy and stars have a large inventory of shoes and clothing to help them maintain an edge on the competition. But in reality, it doesn't take a full closet worth of shoes and clothing to stay fashionable. Thats why I chose to design Angelina Voloshina with emphasis on essential pieces that can be worn on a number of occasions - starting with 2 inch office heels, and ending with our 6 inch platform heels


            So what is it that draws celebrities to buy only designer brands? Well other than the name, designer heels are made with exceptional quality. Natural materials combined with hand-craftsmanship provide comfort that is far greater than synthetic rubbers that wear quickly and are just awful for your feet. That is why we decided to incorporate all designer techniques into our Angelina Voloshina heels. A lot of designer markup comes from the prime real estate at which luxury brands are located.  By staying online and being factory direct, we are able to keep our prices as low as possible without sacrificing quality and craftsmanship. 

            As far as money goes, I believe it is the creative experience that designers really love and I think I have found the same things with the making of our brand. The design process itself is truly amazing, especially when you look back to just a short time ago when the heels which you are currently wearing  were just a drawing on a piece of paper. But the most important thing that designers and celebrities who display their work have in common, is the chance to share and inspire the world by passing on a small piece of themselves.

            Hope you enjoyed this blog and my .02 cents in the vast world of designer fashion. Feel free to stop by and view our full collection and tell us what you think :) 




            September 09, 2015


            4,5, and 6 Inch Heels that Belong in Your Closet

            Its no secret that each pair of a woman's endless shoe collection is specially selected to go with a certain outfit for a specific occasion....well maybe not always. However, as hard as it may be to believe, most women are actually very meticulous when it comes to purchasing footwear and some go as far as even categorizing the shoes that they have in their closet to know which pairs are already owned, and which are still missing from their collection. Think of the closet as a giant trophy case filled with every imaginable species of shoe known to man, yet its that one rare specimen that seems to have been eluding her for years that keeps her on the hunt for just one more pair.


            The Trophy Case

            For some women its the thrill of the hunt, which some call a shopping high, associated with the wonders of chemicals released as a woman becomes lost in a magical world where she feels the endless possibilities of outfits, moments and events that can take place all as shes wearing this beautiful dress or this pair of stylish heels. For just that brief moment in time, she can get anything she wants and can have everything absolutely her way, just like she likes :) 


            The Essentials : 4 Inch Heels

             Known as the center piece of every modern day fashionista (and the shelf that probably takes up the most room in her trophy case)  4 inch heels are a must, there are no if's, and's, or buts, about that. Due to their style and versatility, a comfortable 4 inch heel can take a girl many places. They are the perfect choice for any woman to wear as a daily shoe both to and from work. It does not matter weather you are a sophisticated business woman, mom, student, whoever. Classic pumps have always and will always be in style and many designers have capitalized on creating fashionable, modern heels using the latest colors but still maintaining the classic, pointed-toe heritage. Such design can be seen here in this beautiful orange pump with a designers touch and ombre color transition. It really is the best of both worlds, a classic heel in latest fashion.


            Fashion and Flair : 5 Inch Heels

            The next shelf in the case is reserved for special occasions and lasting impressions. When stepping up to a heel of 5 inches, a woman begins to shine brighter, look taller and slimmer. Some say a womans confidence is often reflected in her choice of footwear and I believe this has never been more true than about heel height. A few pairs of 5 inch heels should be part of every woman's collection, even if she wears them only a few times a year. Combined with an evening or cocktail dress these heels can be worn for formal occasions, dinners and interviews with employers. Such models express neatness, seriousness, self-restraint, self-discipline about a woman and are ideal characteristics of a potential employee. 


             Killer Heels : 6 inch Platforms




            The most fashionable corner in a woman's trophy case contains heels that are mostly anything but practical. Don't get me wrong, there is a high degree of skill and creativity that goes into both designing and wearing such amazing heels. The branded term "Killer Heels" refers to any heel over 6 inches which can sometimes be both scary and even dangerous to wear. These shoes are very popular with celebrities, models and have appeared on numerous catwalks in recent years. Platform heels are especially loved by designers like as Christian Loubutin who favors to express his unique style on such models. Women who love such heels are usually the life of the party and when it comes to being most fashionable they are the ones who take the best in show.


            So there you have it, a small glimpse into the endless abyss of a womens footwear collection. Hopefully you enjoyed this small overview so stay tuned for next weeks blog :) Feel free to check out our personal collection at for heels and ideas will make your hunt just a little bit easier.






            July 20, 2015


            Choosing the most comfortable heels: Tips to looking and feeling great!

            High heels are the ultimate best friend/worst enemy story.

            -Women always ask me how is it that they never see me wearing anything other than heels, is it always just a coincidence, or am I actually crazy to think these shoes are comfortable?

            Well…Lets just say my fascination with high heeled footwear went from an addiction, to an obsession and now runs my life. That is one of the reasons I have decided to pursue my passion, start my own brand and make a completely different type of shoes in which women dont have to make the trade-off between comfort for style.

            So I offer just a few easy tips so you can add a touch of confidence to each step to look splendid in every pair of heels you own. For years high heels have been the footwear of choice among almost all women. They give the female figure harmony, femininity and the ability to flow gallantly about her surroundings. However some heels have very serious flaws that sometimes results in a flow that is pretty far from graceful.

            We all know wearing shoes like this for the whole day is very difficult, uncomfortable and sometimes even impossible. To help you get through it, we have come up with some tips that will guide you to tame these beasts once and for all.

            Tip # 1 : Choose the right model for the job.

            Often these feelings are associated with excessive wear, cheap materials or just choosing the wrong model for the task you are trying to accomplish. For example: there is hardly any reason that a woman who spends a long day at the office should choose 4 inch heels instead of a 3” or even 2”. There are many fabulous models out there that look great with just an inch difference but sometimes that’s all the difference that it takes to make your life just that much easier. So choose heels based on occasions (which I know can be hard with getting caught up and and wanting to buy every pair of shoes on sale) but if you have a clear idea before hand, it makes shopping a lot easier. Just takes practice.

            Tip #2: Choose quality over price; not all heels are created equal.

            Some people do not believe in designer brands because they have a predisposition that they are overpaying for the name. Although there might be some truth in that, most brands charge a premium price for their shoes because they are made to a completely different standard than mass market heels. Choose high quality shoes manufactured from natural materials. This will allow your feet to "breathe" and prevents excessive sweating and swelling. Avoid synthetic or “man-made” materials as some brands like to call them. They are horrible for the feet and such footwear has no ventilation from the fact that the synthetic materials are not breathable. Also, genuine leather heels last longer and fit more comfortably. The materials are natural, the work is handcrafted and they offer an entirely different experience than heels made for mass production that leave you feet tired, acing and blistered.

            Tip #3: Go For Padding

            Another trick in picking the right heels is choosing the right models with soft pads and insoles. Since our feet are naturally padded, it is often easy to misjudge the comfort based on just trying on a pair. Sure they might be comfortable for an hour but after walking a whole day every step will begin taking a toll. Even heel height is not as important as the convenience of proper padding. It's easy to float in heels even 12 and 14 centimeters if its the perfect fit and a good model model.

            Tip # 4 Heel Training

            Train leg muscles by performing simple exercises. Try standing on your toes for 20 seconds and slowly put your foot all the way down for 5 seconds. Repeat it for 5-10 minutes or just walk on toes for 5-10 minutes a day. This will strengthen the calf muscles as well as the arch and allow your legs to better cope with heeled shoes.

            Which brings me to Tip #5

            Watch your posture and evaluate how you look and feel. To do this, try putting on a pair of shoes and stand flat against the wall. Posture can be considered correct only when your buttocks, shoulder blades and back of the head will touch the wall at the same time. Memorize this position, and always try to use it when walking, especially then you are wearing heels. Having good posture is useful not only for your health but also makes you more slender and attractive. Start walking properly for a few minutes a day. Within a few days you will begin to notice how much easier it gets to maintain and should become a habit in only a few weeks


            Some experts believe that the maximum heel height should not exceed 3-4 inches, but it really depends on the style and platform. I own a few pairs of 6 inch heels which are unbelievably comfortable because they have the right design and are the perfect fit . Always choose a height that you are comfortable with and work your way up.  Proper foot maintenance is very important key to healthy, happy feet. So Take good care of your feet. Make a cool bath and moisturize the skin with cream or lotion.

            Heels have the power to increase a girls confidence, add femininity to her outfit, and if properly executed, drive men crazy. So hopefully these tricks will help you become a master of one of womens most useful weapons . Feel free to check out our selection and tell me what you think about my designs :)

            Enjoy :)

            Angelina Voloshina





            June 30, 2015


            June 22, 2015


            Designer and Mass Market Women's Footwear

            Why Designer Shoes Are Worthwhile Investment.

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            June 11, 2015


            Latest trends in fashion | Most fashionable shoes of 2015

            Peering into the bright future of the fashion industry, and trying to find the best and most current trends of the season, we take a glimpse of the summer of 2015 designs, which prove to be not just a diverse but also, colorful and unique.

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